BMW E46 Mot failure rear brake pipes

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BMW E46 Mot failure rear brake pipes

One of my favourite BMW’s the E46 330, fantastic car to drive & handles incredibly well except in the snow! Due to the new MOT’S and categories of failure, Major Defects, Minor Defects and the good old advisories . This one pedantically failed on rear brakes pipes above the sub frame [ diff carrier ] and above the tank. Pretty much anything “brakes” is a now a Major. Generally a solid car, but it does have it’s own issues, rear sub-frames at the point they meet the shell have issues, and it is caused either by rust or metal fatigue, CCV that’s the crank case ventilation system going bad and sucking oil. Which is not the nicest job in the world to put right. Rear brake pipes going bad! Well it’s Exhaust system off, [ get ready for breakages]  Shields, Prop-shaft, Handbrake Cables and finally the fuel tank to run two new lines in copper,  there is little point using the old & somewhat rotten flexible pipes so we would change them as well.  Pretty much the main dealer prescribed way!

There is a host of great upgrades for E46’s from brakes to diff carrier & suspension bushes using the power flex type these do enhance the driving experience, I have always thought the rear lower track control arm was a bit rubbish and tends to rot quite easily

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