Nissan Cabstar Prop shaft issues

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Nissan Cabstar Prop shaft issues

Juddering when pulling away could easily be mistaken for a clutch issue, due diligence and a quick check under the vehicle revealed it was the rear universal joint, a quick look up on parts link revealed the front UJ is available from the dealer , as for the rear you can buy a whole prop shaft @£700 + vat or go aftermarket so we did, we up-rated the UJ to a lifetime type , no grease nipple and better seals so you can fit and forget. all ready noted leaks from the rocker cover, so that was changed out as well, added to list of jobs-to-be-done at a later date is the leaking sump, we have an excellent cleaning machine here and its pretty easy for us to wash out dirty old sumps or in fact whole engines at 130 degrees, they come out a whole lot cleaner.

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