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Car Service Lowestoft - Battery Green Garage

Interim Car Service - Lowestoft Car Servicing


Interim car or van service is a basic oil & filter change with key visual checks on essential areas of safety such a brakes, tyres , lights and top-ups where required, to the cooling system, windscreen washers .

Price is from £59 + parts & Vat with your service book stamped.

Interim Servicing for cars or van from £59 by Battery Green Garage - Lowestoft

Photo of an Advanced Battery Tester used in an automtive Setting


Diagnostics, if your lights are up on the dashboard and you have an active MIL status [ malfunction indicator lamp ]. You will need to get the codes read to find out whats wrong, and make an initial diagnosis.

Cost for a code scan is just £20 inc Vat, limited time offer until 01/03/2019

Multi Vehicle OBD Diagnostics

Brake Discs and Pads


Annual car & van servicing, full wheels off servicing that looks a little deeper than say an interim service might. keeps your car working for longer,ensures it is safe to drive and maintains the service history.

Price is from £99 + parts and Vat, with your service book stamped

Annual car or van servicing - Lowestoft Car Servicing - Battery Green Garage

Car Service Lowestoft? Cars or Vans welcome! Call 01502 586502.

Check our social media page on the 7 Jan 2019 , 2 annual services up for grabs [ T&C’S apply ]

Battery Green Garage along with with car and van servicing provides  all normal garage services including, ABS, Alternators, Auto Electrician Services,Brakes, Brake Discs, Batteries, CV boots, Cataltytic Converters, Clutches, Dual Mass flywheels ,DPF & DPF regens, Bespoke Engine Rebuilds, Auto Electric Issues, Gearboxes Autos & Manuals, Diffs, Transfers units, OEM servicing, Head Gaskets and Head Skimming, Cam Belts, Mot Failure Work, All makes Snap On Code reading & diagnostics , VAG group diagnostics, Fiat Group Dianostics, Exhausts, Wheel bearings, Supension & Bushes,  DSG & CVT mechatronics, DSG Clutches, by the way we are approved and kitted out for VAG DSG Clutches with the LUK kit and IMI approved. Brembo Brakes upgrades & EBC pads available, Turbos replaced, MOTS & aircon arranged offsite, Prop shaft UJ issues & Brake pipes.

We are 2 minutes from Lowestoft High Street and 5 mins from the train station.

Unit 3 , 10 Battery Green Road, Lowestoft , Suffolk, NR32 1DE

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